Engineering Manager Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career As a Natural Science Manager?

Engineering and natural science managers are responsible for coordinating research and production activities for a company, which can involve a wide variety of tasks. They will usually make sure that engineers and scientists perform their jobs adequately, and they will make detailed plans in order to help accomplish the goals that are set forth by management.

Engineering managers will usually set budgets for projects and hire scientists and engineers, in order to carry out specific parts of each project. Science management will also review the work of employees and verify the accuracy of their methods.

They will usually supervise individuals who develop machinery and other systems, coordinating production and making sure the quality assurance is high. Most engineering managers are plant engineers, while others work with research and development teams.

Natural science managers are responsible for directing the activities of natural scientists such as biologists and chemists, mostly engaged in research projects for the United States government.

These professionals will usually work 40 hours a week in a laboratory or industrial plant environment, sometimes having to work overtime, in order to meet project deadlines. The educational requirements in order to become a natural science manager usually involve a bachelors degree, in order to understand the work of technical engineering.

In 2006, natural science managers had about 228,000 jobs in America, with the manufacturing sector employing about a third of these professionals. Another third of engineering managers worked in scientific fields, with the remaining individuals being employed by Federal and state agencies. Job prospects overall for those who specializing in science management are fairly good, with employment growth keeping pace with an increase in population.

Job prospects will be best for those managers who are involved in biomedical and environmental engineering, as opposed to materials and electronics. In 2006, the median 50th percentile of engineer managers made between $84,000 in $130,170, while those working as natural science managers made between $77,320 and $130,900.

Scientific managers will usually receive very generous benefits packages which can include stock options and expense accounts, in addition to profit sharing bonuses.

Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Serviced Offices

One great office solution that is gaining popularity today is serviced offices. Serviced offices refer to spaces that can be rented, furnished and decorated, to serve as a business office. These offices are normally rented for a short time usually from one month up to one year. Choosing this type of office space is a prudent option as they present numerous great benefits. If you are trying to operate your business efficiently, then serviced offices are a perfect option for many different reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this option.

Immediate Availability of Office Space

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a serviced office rental is that you can move in immediately. These offices are usually equipped and furnished, which makes moving very easy. Setting up a traditional office can be quite difficult. With this option you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time setting up and implementing your next business move. These offices have I.T. and telecoms infrastructure in place and ready to go.

Shorter Lease Contract

With a serviced office rental, you don’t have to go with a long term agreement. This package usually has a very short time arrangement on the rental contract. It is a simple user friendly contact and you can easily decide how long you want to rent the office. This makes relocating or expanding your business very convenient. You will be able to move whenever you need to. You may pay a little more in rent than normal office space, but the flexibility option can definitely benefit your business.

Payment on a per Usage Basis

With these offices, there are no hidden costs. You are provided with one easy-to-read and transparent monthly invoice and you won’t have to pay for separate bills. Everything is compiled into one cost and the fees are on per usage basis. So you won’t have to pay for space that is not being used, which makes this option very cost effective. You can also upscale and downscale your office space in proportion to the volume of you business which allows you to achieve exact returns on your investment.

Modern Offices

Serviced offices are usually modern and clean compared to ordinary office space. Some of them come with great services such as catering facilities, clean kitchen and toilets, receptionists and security. The offices are also equipped with modern facilities such as modern telephone systems and fiber optic broadband connections. Usually the computers, copier machines and fax machines, are included in the package. You will also find air conditioning facility which is normally serviced on a regular basis.

Basic Support Services

To keep your office running you will need support services. An office for rent usually has a body of staff employed to provide you with basic support services such as a reception services, secretarial assistance, and IT support among others. You simply don’t have to employ more staff for your business operations.

Evidently, a serviced office is a great option especially if you are considering making your first business move. You don’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of resources on office space. Settle on this office solution and expend your saved resources in a different venture.